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So, I finally got the courage to go and take a shower at school, this is a big step for me , as I would be alone so if I did pop a boner I could jack-off and that would be the end of it. Matt well has an angel, who is my closest friend; if only he know I was gay, he would probably never speak to me again. We apparently were making a lot of noise, because all of the sudden I heard Greg says "guys what are you doing? He is tricked into doing something and he can"t get it off his back. He was just a bit older than me, maybe 45 or so, and though his dark black hair was going a little gray around the temple I flipped him over, and started rimming out hiss tight little clean, asshole.

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Gay locker room stories


One boy secretly wants to fuck his straight best friend. I'm a very quiet kid, lots of friends, surprisingly mostly girls, but I'm majorly in love with two of my best guy friends. I was never one for gym class, but I always love being in the locker rooms, the must of guy sweat, the smell, and the thought of what would go one with all those hunks showering together after school during sports, how could you not get a friggin boner! So we got back down and were fucking doggy style all over again, me sticking in and out of matt, it was so good, I could have stayed doing that forever. It felt so good, then I felt it go in me, it just slipped in, wow it felt so good, I was moaning, my dick being serviced as well as my ass! A gay guy takes a shower with his swimming partner, and crush.

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John stood in his kitchen nervously. Gym class gone bad. A Very Good Boy. My cross country coach comes over to help with my running and it turns into a night to remember I'm thinking what has come over me, I've never done this before. Giving Him A Jump.

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