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Bimbo was known to lust after Betty in the series, her relationship with Bimbo was classed as Bestiality. First, she is a hybrid, a chimera, Nephilim. The film was only shown once at the " Welcome to Miami " party at the Fleischer Studios. In Any Rags Betty's Skirt slips to reveal she's wearing a frilly bra. It's really a Mason, who now appears to him as Betty Boop, which is to say a desirable sex object. The scene is said to have shocked a few people, but if those people were to look into the history of Betty Boop, they would have known that apart from being a "Boop-Oop-a-Doop" girl, she is best known in her original animated series for being a coy flapper who wore skimpy appeal and occasionally flashed.

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In Time on My Hands , Betty is topless throughout the cartoon as she is seemingly appearing as mermaid, but her fish tail is revealed to be fake and she can be later seen wearing only her underwear, after she is thrown out of the water into the air. Once the Fleischer brothers were forced out of their own animation studio by Paramount Pictures executives in , the reel dropped from sight. The Ringmaster enters her room and tells Betty that she will lose her job if she continues to refuse his sexual advances. While stating; "But, I'll be a princess someday! All now appear as potential sex partners to Bimbo. Rumor has it that in September Max Fleischer, as a thank you to all artists who moved to his new animation studio in Florida, animated a graphic sexual encounter between his two stars Betty Boop and Popeye.

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Clear references to Yiddishkeit found in the cartoons reveal a degree of comfort with their cinematic image enjoyed by the Jews whose success provided some distance from the typical anti-semitic stereotypes. More importantly, it was said to be outrageously amusing with Betty Boop giving Popeye an extremely warm welcome for making the long trip down to Miami. Many Betty Boop cartoons were banned from TV for being too sexual or racist. The cartoons however are not as kind to other ethnic groups and the stereotypically racist depictions found in cartoons such as Mask-A-Raid which spoofs Italian and Chinese immigrants, emphasizes the long lasting effects of these widely distributed and frequently repeated caricatures. Her general look, attitude and voice were based in large part on singer and occasional actress Helen Kane. They all pull off their brotherhood suits and become Betty Boop Clones , dancing like dance hall girls.

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