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Elvis had enough money to finance a revolution. She was a fascinating woman with a wicked, sense of humor, just one of the things she shared with Bogie. I agree with it. I don't know the rules to such an extent as does, but here is my solution for the problem: One of these theatrical performances is Cooking With Elvis. First, if you're targeting only me which is likely a violation of WP policy , I think you'll have to go through the whole history of the article and identify my content contributions please don't muddle these with the re-wordings and flows I've done.

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ELVIS PRESLEY – Was he bisexual?


For many years now I have come across fans of various icons who, blinded by admiration for these icons, refuse to believe that they were anything less than perfect. Evidently, the studio arranged dates for Natalie Wood with bisexual partners, Sal Mineo and Nick Adams, so that newshounds would be duped into thinking both men were straight. If not then why do all men check out another man while taking a shower in a health club or even when you where in gym class. I enjoy talking with you and i respect your opinions. The accusations hurt him and his career. I might just kill myself.

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We can only connect the dots and try to fill in the blanks. As I said in my post, I find it difficult to agree with quite a few names on those lists, Bacall among them. Then, if you have any specific items to dispute, bring them up here. If you wish to start a new discussion or revive an old one, please do so on the current talk page. He named actors, adding that a new list, should he care to write one today, would probably contain a further names!

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