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In living room Gay couple. I'm not trying to stand on a soapbox here. I think you have to do what you think in life is right. In field Gay Couple with Little Girl. Nice cheerful gay couple looking at the laptop screen. Is there a question here?

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Sudden dip in clients when I featured gay couple...


I didn't ever think about the fact that people might be turned off by seeing gay people in my portfolio, I was mostly thinking about horror stories from gay couple getting turned down by photographers and I wanted to make sure everyone knows I'm equal opportunity. It is your choice, get more clients or to be more politically correct. Loving gay couple in outsite Gay Couple in New York. Happy gay couple holding hands watching sunset on the beach Female gay couple and daughter having dinner in their kitchen Happy gay couple lying in bed. Hugging Gay couple holding each other outdoors.

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But, I do it all the time. Share This Page Tweet. It's just useful to get more varied opinions on the matter because after living in Chelsea NYC your ideas of what is the norm are considerably altered. Hugging Gay couple holding each other outdoors. I am not sure what the question is. It's not going to help to remove-and-wait Maybe I'm just a disgruntled Californian who is sick and tired of liberal judges disrespecting the will of the people.

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