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His balls hung down low like they were so heavy they'd stretched his scrotum. Right at the back, hidden by the side of a kiosk full of rows of mobile phone covers, there's a men's toilet. Another guy walked in. About six years ago, when I was 17, my parents went down to St. I thought, "Well if he wants to take a wank at the john, why shouldn't he? He looked too posed to be oblivious to me. Ives with fuck all to do.

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The Market Toilets


I noticed, though, that one of his hands crept around to crew cut's butt and worked its way inside his crack. I just had no idea about how I should act. Now that I was at the skin I felt a bit safer and I was allowing myself to get more and more interested in watching these two cool dudes masturbating themselves. It was Saturday so the town was heaving by the middle of the afternoon and I walked out of town to get some space and to cool off. I felt quite awkward - remember this kind of stuff wasn't my thing at all. Compared to the hot day ouside, the inside of the small building was cold and dark. I always had a couple of condoms stuffed into the back of it.

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Ives are pretty cool, actually. His irises were dark brown; the colour of coffee beans. I guess I was kind of innocent back then, but I figured he must be having trouble taking a piss like me and was just dreamily pulling on his foreskin while he was waiting for something to happen. Just in case we needed extra reassurance as to which sex the toilet was for. As I looked, his right hand slowly pulled his foreskin backwards and forwards over his bell end. I guess I just gawped back at him, looking like a bit of a tit because I had no idea what the fuck was going on. It was a pretty good size, even though it wasn't totally hard.

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