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Hannibal The homoerotic tension between famed cannibal Hannibal Lecter and FBI agent Will Graham is not just palpable; it actually pulsates in every frame of Bryan Fuller's hypnotic adaptation of the iconic Red Dragon characters. After that, it was merely good — a missed opportunity. Fearing he will be outed, Lukas hides evidence and gay bashes Philip at school. His portrayal as a confluence of queer stereotypes, including being a transvestite and taking the idea of sex reassignment surgery lightly, looks particularly ghastly in What might one day be hailed as quiet, subtle brilliance that really tried to respond to critics while telling ambitious stories was shut down as " boring.

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The Flash present There's no gay superhero show on TV right now, but we do have a pretty queer one. I think it comes across on screen and people will see that in the characters. We spoke with the something actors separately, but merged their interviews into one edited conversation so that they could better discuss their collaboration. By season two, Mickey inadvertently offers a refreshing look at his casual sexcapades when he's found passed out with a young boytoy he met online. Philip and Lukas both have to come to terms with who they are throughout the course of this season. Halt and Catch Fire present This AMC show about the personal computer revolution in the early 80s has a bisexual character as its lead: In fact, no LGBT character or storyline is present in any of the franchise's shows, though polyamory and polygamy were central to regular character Phlox, a Denobulan doctor.

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On Soap , a comedic parody of soap operas, Jodie was a lightning rod for controversy, and not just from the right. Cagney and Lacey The show about two strong-willed female police detectives actually recast Christine Cagney in its second season after the original actress's features were deemed "not feminine enough" and making the partners seem like lesbians. Friday Night Lights Clear eyes, full hearts, can't find a gay character? At the time, however, the relationship between his character Michael Scofield the other inmates definitely had homo-friendly attributes. Ariana Grande shades ex Pete Davidson on Twitter and more entertainment news.

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