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Rimming can provide some lubrication and helps the anus relax before sex. Additionally, among subjects who performed 50 or more enemas in their lifetime, there is a trend for increased risk of anal dysplasia which can lead to anal warts and anal cancer. I wanted to be unable to sit afterward. There is a trick I learned at the Folsom Street Fair a couple years ago. The first rule of gay sex applies to bottoms of all calibers:

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17 Tips for Happier, Healthier Bottoming


If for any reason anal sex remains painful or you notice the appearance of lumps, bleeding, or an ongoing itch, see a healthcare professional immediately for a thorough anorectal examination. Gently allow penetration to the point of minimal discomfort. If you choose to do drugs, remember that the most common sex drugs — Ecstasy, Molly, GHB, and the like — will act as accelerants. This causes the skin around the anus to become inflamed, leading to thickening and ultimately itching or discomfort with sex. Loose, runny stool is a nightmare to clean out. When I was little, my father would drag my sister and me out in the cold morning in camouflage outfits and orange hats to sit with him in a deer stand and practice shooting his gun. Get tested for STIs every three months if you are having anal intercourse with more than one partner, and every six months if you are monogamous.

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I am a bottom without shame or apology. There is a lot of bottom shaming in the world. Chances are good that you will need to do this more than once. He started pushing a small butt plug in my ass during foreplay, and I learned that the feeling of being opened can be just as intense as being fucked. At its worst, it is painful and unpleasant.

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